The Purpose of Youth Club

1) To create an understanding and desire in young people for accepting Christ as Lord and Personal Savior.

2) To develop intelligent, active, and loyal membership and leadership in the church.

3) To give worthwhile study, wholesome recreation, and opportunities for service, all bound up in a true Christian fellowship.

4) To develop the kind of Christians who are able and willing to communicate their faith and to assume personal responsibility in assisting in the building of God's kingdom on Earth.

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More About Youth Club

     There are over 1,500 Youth Club ministries, also known as The LOGOS Ministry, across the United States. LOGOS enables a local church to offer its young people the positive aspect of relationship building on a weekly basis. Young people enjoy Christian fellowship through creative recreational activities, participation in worship/choir, group study of contemporary and Biblical values, and through sharing a meal together.

     LOGOS meets the needs of youth, and it has proved to be a valuable tool for family involvement and renewal, as parents and other members of the church are drawn into active participation. LOGOS is not a substitute for standard programs of Christian Education, but rather another area of that education and a strong supplement to already existing programs. LOGOS is designed to enhance, extend, and improve the existing programs of Christian Education.

     If you are interested in joining LOGOS, or you have questions about the program, please read the LOGOS/Youth Club Handbook or contact the church.