& Fees

Registration is accomplished by filling out LOGOS enrollment forms and by attendance of a parent at the parent meeting. Registration fees are to be paid at the parent's meeting. Parents are required to sign up for their parental commitment at the parent meeting. National policy is to close registration two weeks after the semester begins. LOGOS generally follows the public school year and is divided into two semesters, totaling 30 weeks.

Fees are maintained at a reasonable cost, but may change year to year due to certain factors. Parents may pay the fees for the entire LOGOS year, or may pay by semester. No one is excluded from LOGOS because they can not afford the fees. Scholarships are available if financial help is needed. All scholarships are help in confidence. Please contact the church to learn about the current fees or available scholarships for LOGOS participation. Remember that Christian Education isn't costly - it's priceless.

Parent Participation

The LOGOS program enables parents to fulfill a portion of the basic responsibilities set by God for them in the raising of their children. Parent's are to take an active roll in their children's lives by helping with assignments, encouraging regular participation, counseling them, and rearing them in "the nurture and admonition of the Lord".


The ORL realizes that in order for many parents to participate in LOGOS each Wednesday, we must provide child care services. If you have you have young children, and wish to participate with older children in LOGOS, we have options available to you. Please contact the church to learn more about Nursery and Kid Care during LOGOS.


The rules for discipline in youth club are simple. We are to treat everyone as a child of God. No one (adults included) is to treat anyone as if they matter less than anyone else. If we all abide by this rule there will be no discipline problems. Disciplinary problems will be dealt with immediately and on an individual basis. A parental contact will be made if a discipline situation continues to cause hurt to children or adults/ Students will receive individual tutoring if they are unable to participate in a group setting.


Guests are welcome at LOGOS. Guests will need to complete a form and get a parents signature before attending. There will also be a meal fee for the guest. Guests are will be expected to stay with the LOGOS member who brings them. Guests may attend LOGOS only twice during a semester, and members may only bring one guest per week. If you have questions about guests and guest fees at LOGOS, please contact the church.

ORL encourages you to explorer participation in LOGOS. If you would like to learn more about the program, you can visit the GenOn Ministries website or simply contact the church. We hope to see you there!