Endowment Fund

The concept of endowment is that the gifts are not spent by the congregation. Instead the gift is invested. The income earned through the dividends and interest is then made available on an annual basis for a specific purpose.

Gifts to the Endowment Fund are entirely future oriented - given in faith, from faith, to the everlasting church. A gift to the endowment fund is one way to perpetuate your generosity. For generations to come, gifts to the Endowment Fund will provide critical financial support for the mission and ministry of our congregation.

There are two ways to contribute to the endowment fund. Current gifts are those which may be placed directly into the endowment fund. These include contributions of cash, memorials, and appreciated assets (stocks, mutual funds, real estate, and personal property). Deferred gifts are those which will become fully available to the Endowment Fund at a later date, generally coinciding with the death of the donor or donor's spouse. Deferred gifts can be cash, real estate, stocks, mutual funds, personal property, life insurance proceeds, or another planned gift from a trust or estate.

Gifts to the Endowment Fund may be either designated or un-designated. Un-designated gifts, whether current or deferred, are gifts for which a use is not stipulated. The Congregational Assembly may annually distribute the earnings from un-designated gifts, and the gifts themselves, according to the needs of the congregation. Designated gifts give the donor the ability to designate how the earning from their endowment will be used by the congregation. This involves an endowment agreement between the donors and the Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Endowment Fund. The gifts are made to fund the endowment, either directly or through an estate plan.

The Endowment Fund is not intended to support our ministry, but rather to expand our ministry. The Endowment Fund is administered by a committee of church members appointed by the Church Council. We welcome any and all gifts to the Endowment Fund, and there is no minimum contribution. Please contact the church to learn more.