Youth Club Activities

Below you'll find more details as to what each part of Youth Club is all about!


Family Time.PNG

Family time

Goal:  To provide a joyous, intergenerational celebration of personhood over a shared meal as the family of God.

Family time is celebrated in the fellowship hall at 6:00 p.m. where everyone is invited for a shared dining experience. This will be the one period in which all LOGOS participants will be together.

Sharing a meal together is an essential part of the LOGOS program, providing an opportunity for the cultivating of a unique sense of "God's family".

During family time, there will be time for table talks, singing, skits, table games, and special annual events like spoon hanging and cup stomping.


Worship Skills.PNG

Worship skills

Goal:  To develop responsibility for and practice in worship skills since worship is our primary service to God as disciples.

Youth club members are required to participate in the choir appropriate to their age group under the direction of the staff.

Each choir is assigned scheduled participation time in Sunday morning worship. This participation deepens the young person's understanding of his/her responsibility to worship God faithfully.

The schedule for participation in Sunday worship is handed out at the beginning of each LOGOS year.


Bible Hour.PNG

bible hour

Goal:  To nurture children and youth into intelligent, obedient, and Biblically informed discipleship.

Bible Hour is the heart of LOGOS which offers courses for youth from Pre K to High School. Each group focuses on different aspects of the Bible that are relevant to their age in life.

Weekly, groups Grade 1 to Grade 8 are assigned memory work. Through this work and with support and encouragement, God's Word will grow in the minds of our young people.


Activity Time.PNG

activity time

Goal:  To experience great fun at the expense of no one.

In addition to the various forms of study, there are supervised crafts and recreation programs scheduled throughout the year for each participant in LOGOS.

These activities cover a broad range of interests and provide a time where meaningful relationships between youth and adults have the opportunity to grow.