Our Philosophy

Our Redeemer Early Learning Center believes that all children are unique gifts from God, each having a purpose and place within our world and His heavenly kingdom. We strive to teach the love of Jesus Christ through His death and resurrection and we profess this belief through the quality Christian care provided to the children at our Center on a daily basis.

We believe that all children have an innate desire to seek out new learning experiences and do so through active play and interactions with others. Since all children develop at their own rates, we believe it is the ELC's responsibility to provide learning opportunities which address the individual physical, spiritual, social, cognitive, language, and self-help skills necessary for independence and appropriate development. Through interesting, challenging, and age-appropriate activities, the children at the ELC flourish and grow.

We are all children of God. The children in our care at Our Redeemer Early Learning Center will be treated as such, with the utmost respect and care as precious, God-given gifts to our Center.


Our program & curriculum has been designed with a Christian foundation to provide a variety of learning experiences for your child which are age appropriate, promoting growth & development in the following areas:

1.      Spiritual Development:  Children learn that God loves him/her & takes care of him/her, & that He created the world. They learn that Jesus is their Savior and friend, and that the Holy Spirit is their helper.  We teach that Jesus was born on Christmas, died on the cross, & rose again on Easter.  Bible stories are told on a level children can understand, emphasizing how God keeps His promises and how He fulfilled His plan of salvation.  Prayer is said before snack & meal times.

2.     Social Development:  We encourage the children to develop the skills of respecting the rights of others, to make friends & to learn to share with friends.  Inappropriate behavior such as hitting, biting, or kicking & inappropriate language is not permissible.  The child is encouraged to express him/herself in words & feelings rather than these actions.

3.     Mental & Emotional Development:  Teachers will help children develop a positive self-concept & the ability to identify & express themselves with words.  We want the child to develop an awareness that perfection is not necessary, as each individual grows at different levels. Teachers will help children realize that true joy comes from our value as a redeemed child of God, despite frustrating or challenging experiences.

4.     Intellectual Development:  Our preschool curriculum teaches language skills & basic listening abilities through music, story time, & puppets.  Hands-on activities are provided for developing discovery & reasoning skills. The children learn through play & exploration, learning through their experiences. Teachers provide an age-appropriate, stimulating environment and provide the support (scaffolding) each child needs to grow his or her skills.

5.     Physical Development:  Indoor/Outdoor play is provided to develop large muscle coordination.  Children will have the opportunity to develop through running, skipping, jumping, parachute play & other various activities.  Eye-hand coordination is incorporated into our classroom projects through manipulation of small toys, puzzles, scissors skills, & other work-job activities. Children are encouraged to practice daily health & safety habits.

Our approach to teaching your child allows each child to develop his or her own individuality & creativity, along with Christian principles.  Each day, we guide your child to learn how to show love & forgiveness and healthy social-emotional skills. Our curriculum provides a solid foundation for getting your child ready for kindergarten.