Annual Congregational Meeting


Annual Meeting

The annual meeting will commence at 12:15 p.m. with a congregational potluck followed by the business meeting at 1:15 p.m. Agenda items include: elections, approval of the FY 2018-2019 work program (budget), reports from the Council on the Church Planning Process, update form the Building Committee, update from the Early Learning Center, and others.

Call for Nominations to the Church Council

Call for Nominations to the Church Council Nominating and electing church officers is first and foremost a spiritual process (Acts 1:21–26). It requires prayerful deliberation on the part of the entire Congregation to ascertain the will of God and to discern the spiritual gifts in our members (Romans 12:4–8; 1 Corinthians 12:7, 11). The goal of elections is not to fill positions, but rather to place church members into service to their Lord and the Congregation who understand church leadership as a calling from God. Our belief is that leadership in the Church is determined primarily by spiritual qualifications. Bylaw 4.2.1. — “Spiritually qualified” means “that the persons nominated are worshipping regularly, communing, and of good reputation. Candidates should possess the spiritual gifts and talents suited for the office to which they are nominated and demonstrate qualities of personal faith and life befitting a leader and representative of the Congregation.” In accordance with our Congregation’s Bylaws (4.2.1), the Church Council is charged with preparing a slate for the annual congregational meeting, which will be held this year on April 29. Listed below are the offices to be filled this year and the names of those individuals who have agreed to serve. Our Bylaws state that any communicant member may propose additional names (4.2.3.) to the Secretary of the Congregation, Laura Miller.

Please have any names to Laura Miller no later than April 15, which is the constitutional deadline.  The election will occur at the annual meeting!

Please plan to attend and help make the work of our good Congregation be vibrant and relevant and God-pleasing. Thank you for your continued support of our Congregation and those who lead it. --The Church Council